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6 Tips on Taking Great Looking Food Photos

Jun 26, 2017 | Restaurant Marketing Tips

One of the things that get me super excited when I browse a restaurant website is beautiful, professional, mouth-watering photos. Beautiful photos give your restaurant a large step ahead of the rest in the restaurant-goer’s, online shopping world.  Since photos are very important to us, we offer a highly professional photography session to achieve food and location photos to captivate your customers when they land on your website. For people feeling adventurous, I reached out to our photographer, Edrea Lara to come up with a few tips on taking great food photos for your website.
  1. Shoot outdoors in natural light or next to a window with lots of natural light. Most typical indoor lights have a yellow tint that will throw off the color of food pictures.
  2. Leave the flash off. Direct flash will cause harsh shadows and blown out highlights that will decrease the appeal of your food.
  3. Try different angles. Overhead, at 45-degree angle, eye level. Try going closer and farther away, so you have a variety of shots.
  4. Zoom in on textures and details. It adds a variety to your presentation and gives customers the feeling that you pay attention to the little things.
  5. Include a model or human aspect, like a hand holding a plate to show off your portions. Sometimes people want to know that the slice of pie they are going to get is bigger than their thumbnail.
  6. Add accessories! Like a napkin, silverware, or drinks in the background to enhance the look and feel of what your restaurant has to offer in addition to the food.
Let’s see your food photos. Comment below.