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10 Excuses That Talk You out of Getting a New Website

Oct 11, 2017 | Website Tips

Have you been going back and forth about getting a new website for your business? Have you been talking yourself in and out of getting your website redesigned? How long has this ping-pong match been going on for? I have a friend who is in the same predicament right now. She is a “creativepreneur” like myself, she knows she really needs a new website and she knows how much having a website would add value and trust to her business but the act of getting it done has been so slow. For her, she has been fighting with the fact that she does not have everything ready but the question is, is this a legitimate excuse?

For some reason in our businesses, we tend to push back a lot of things we are not comfortable with. It’s sad because when you think about it, is it really possible to be able to do anything and everything? We need to push away the negative thoughts and bring in the positive ones that can help us and our businesses move forward. I have listed below a few thoughts you should be aware of when you are ready to get your new website as they hinder progress, bring in fear and stunt the growth of your restaurant business.

1. “I don’t have content”

You can create content for your new website if you put aside some time to work on it but there is also the saying, “when in doubt, hire out”. There are copywriters out there that can create content for your website after a conversation with you or with a few bullet points that describe your restaurant. I highly suggest you check with your design studio on this one because you most likely are panicking for no reason at all.

2.“I don’t have photos”

It is very understandable that you do not have great looking photos for your new website. It is actually expected. Seriously, how many people have amazing photos of their current food and restaurant just lying around? Don’t let this thought hinder your progress. Again, check with your design studio or seek out a photographer to help. Keep in mind that it is super easy these days to change out a photo if you are not in love with the best ones you have. Don’t fret.

3.“I’m busy”

Oh man! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard this one. Just like every owner of a small or large restaurant, you are busy, no questions asked. Having a website is a necessity for your business that you need to make time for. Web design studios, especially those that focus on restaurants, totally understand this and therefore make the process much easier for you so you don’t need to put a lot of personal time into the project. Don’t push the need for a website aside.

4. I don’t know what I want my new website to look like. I have no ideas.

Hello, sunshine, that’s what hiring a web designer is for 🙂 Let us do the creative thinking for you.

5. Websites are expensive

This is another one I’ve heard of a lot. People! Websites are not as expensive as you might think. Generally, to start a custom restaurant website can range from $600 – 5000+. Talk to your website design studio, like us here at ASBA about your budget, what your goals and must-haves are and they will be able to come up with ideas on a website you can afford. If you have a lower budget still ask, there is no harm in that. For example, we have a website product coming out for this very reason for restaurants that are just starting out and do not have a large budget but are interested in a subscription type service. Check https://blog.restaurantspider.com to be notified when we launch.

6. I’m a small restaurant

It does not matter whether you are a small or large restaurant. You still need a website.

7. I have a facebook account

Ooh, for this one, see my post on “Is Facebook really a replacement for a website?” I lay it all out.

8. I don’t know where to start

Well, hello! Of course, you don’t know where to start. You are not trained in the field of website and brand identity design. You are in luck though, because I have created a free PDF download on what you need to know before you start a website project. Check it out or ask your design studio about what you need to know get started and they will gladly help.

9. I wouldn’t be able to maintain a website because I’m not website savvy

Yes, you don’t know how to maintain a website and that’s ok. It’s normal that you do not know your way around editing a website. You’re a talented food person :). Ask about a website maintenance package that can save you time and worry. Most design studios offer this as we do.

10. I already have a website

I am super stoked that you already have a website but you need to ask yourself if the website for your restaurant is up to date with the most current strategies and tools that can provide success to your online presence. Is it responsive? Does it match your physical restaurant’s branding? Does it provide the correct information to your customers? If it does, props to you but if it doesn’t you might be due for a new website. Check out a free download on must-haves for your restaurant website and judge for yourself.

Hopefully, this post provides you with the means to get you out of the website design decision ping-pong happening within you. Do you have any questions on any of these? Let us know. No harm in asking right?