Editing Your Template File

Your Purchase

Your purchase will include a

  • Microsoft Word or Powerpoint template
  • A link to your Google Doc or Google Slides template
  • A link to this page

Using the Microsoft file

  1. First Install fonts.
  2. Open Microsoft  file
  3. Replace the information with yours 🙂

Installing fonts

To install, go to the https://fonts.google.com , search for the font(s), click on the “+” symbol to add to the queue. Click on the font at the bottom of the screen (Family selected) to expand the font details and click on the download arrow to download. Locate the file on your computer and install.

Click on the font used to install

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Using the Google file

  1. Open the file. It will open in your browser
  2. In the Google file, in go to File > Make a Copy
    IMPORTANT: Do not request access unless you are unable to make a cop of the file.
  3. Replace information with yours 🙂