Have you updated your iPhone to the new IOS; I believe we are on 8 now.  Well, I still haven’t done so because I have so many apps and photos on my phone. I love apps but my favorite one so far is “The Font Game” app by Justin Stahl.  I downloaded this app for $1.99 a couple of years back and I am still addicted to it because of my love for fonts. I want to get better and better at recognizing fonts by name. This app, allows you to recognize or guess the font that is being displayed. You will have 4 choices to choose from while being timed. Your goal is to make correct choices for a high score within a less amount of time. At the end, you are able to compare your score with your other scores and share your progress through social media. It’s awesome! So, if you’re a font lover like me, download this app!